Beauty of the nature

Beauty nature Fruity nature Kind nature Fine nature Sunny nature Funny nature

What inspires me

What inspires me .. What inspires me .. It’s a simple question What inspires me    .. is it the little hardworking Badger   .. is it the sparrow's compassion   .. is it my grandfather's working nature ?   .. is it my grandmother's succession over her surgery ?   .. is it my brainy brother ? I am confused with the answer If you know what inspired me,  Share your comments.. If you want to know the answer Its all of the above..  There are few more to count,  But there is not much space to say all that inspires me.. Let those inspirations be in my heart;  And let me function through my emotions.

Books that I love reading

Books that I love reading are Magic Pot Kids Punagai Kids - National Geographic Tell my why Tinkle Genius Punagai Balavihar Magazine Science Reporter Young Scientist - Level 1 & 3 Amar chitra Katha Hindu Mythological Stories Folk tales around the world Tinkle Whimpi Kids  Geronimo Stilton Bala Bagavatham Do it yourself Neltas Olympiad Books Olympiad Books

3 Little Butterflies

3 little Butterflies sitting on a log; one was made a pet a of girl. 2 little Butterflies sitting on tree; one got struck in the tree. 1 little Butterfly flying around; was chased by the little kids.